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Frequently Asked Questions

We at aWebsite have been building websites and gaining web design experience for more than 8 years already. During this time we had lots of questions from our customers. To help you understand how the web design works – we have built this page. We have included most asked questions into our web design FAQ page. We hope you will find answers that you are looking for.

If we missed some important questions, please ask by filling in the simple form.

How long will my project take?

Every website is different. If you have a simple web project, with up to 10 simple pages, it can take up to one week to build and confirm designs and one more week to program your website and make it live. Sometimes it depends on information as well. If you cannot provide us with photos (Still making photoshoot) or content (just started to write it) the project can take a little longer to finish. For special projects with custom built modules we are looking up to one month until website will go live.

How does the design process work?

The design process is really simple –

First, you need to give us your idea and requirements. We will check what modules do you need, how long it will take to program everything and how much it will cost.

If you agree with a quote provided – we will take a small deposit, and start working.

We will provide you with the designs and concepts to choose from. If amongst them, you’ll find your dream web design – we will finish design process, tailor it to your business and present your how final project will look like.

When you’re happy with designs – we will start to build your website. We will program all required modules, make your website responsive and attractive to customers.

Your website is live. If you’re happy with it great! If you need some change we will do it without any problems.

If you’ll need any changes or improvements to your website – we’re here. We provide full aftercare for all website built by us.

How can I pay for my project?

We accept all payment methods possible. For your website design you can pay by cash, card, bank transfer etc.

You can pay by any digital currency as well. If you have bitcoins and want to build a website – we accept this type of payment too!


Do you use templates?

We don’t use templates – WE BUILD THEM! We will create special template tailored to your requirements.

We build custom templates because

  • your website will load much faster. Less code,- faster website
  • we use only information that is needed to attract your customers
  • your customers will not find a similar website to yours
  • optimised for your website users experience
  • unlimited website improvement capabilities


Can I update my website content once it is live?

Our websites are built for you. You don’t need us to manage your website. Every project is build to easy update, change, add or delete all website content.

You can add a new banner, change an image, add blog entries or add products yourself. After the website is live – you will get logins to fully manage your web content online.

Do I need a ssl certificate on my website?

According to latest google guidelines SSL certificate can improve your search engine positions, give website visitors more trust and secure their data.

That’s why we add SSL by default to all of our websites. ALL our WEBSITES are SSL encrypted. This comes as a standard.

Can you show me examples of your work?

Please check our project pages for our latest examples. We have much more samples and if you would like to see web designs similar to your upcoming project – just Contact Us.

I already have hosting, a domain or email

Not a problem. We glad that you already have them. We don’t tie customers to our hosting. We can use almost all hosting accounts. We will need just and access to your hosting CPanel access.

If you have just a domain and would like to build a website – no problem. Just send us domain name control panel details and we do the rest.

Can you help me with my logo and branding.

Yes, we can do that! We can create your brand identity from scratch – including name suggestion, logo creation and website building.

We can design and print high-quality business cards, leaflets or any other marketing material you require.

Can you help me with marketing?

We do all kind of marketing campaigns. Search engine marketing, social marketing is our speciality. If you need another kind of marketing for your online project – just let us know and we will be able to help you.

What content management (cms) systems do you work with?

We can work with all kind od of content management systems. But we prefer building websites with WordPress. It is the most versatile system to build any kind of website.

WordPress lets you build a simple website, e-shop and even to program custom modules tailored to your business.

Apps can be easily connected to your WordPress cms too.

And if you need any changes to your website later – they can be made fast and efficient.

Once the site is live how much does it cost to get things changed?

All our websites are easily changed. You can change most of the website details yourself.

If you don’t want to change anything yourself or if you would like to rebuild some design elements – no problem. We will do any changes and you’ll pay us just an hourly rate.

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