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Beauty Clinic website with booking system


To create a bespoke website with great user experience, online booking form with payment options. We had the challenge to create a clean branding including the logo for the beauty clinic.


Starting from logo we created a complete branding campaign for skin clinic. Logo should be clean and minimalistic, – same as web design. Check out final skin clinic logo we created.

Logo Design For Skin Clinic



We implemented special complex treatments menu for this website. AS clinic has lots of special treatments we needed to find a way to improve the user experience. So we integrated special menu, which straight away shows all services and treatments offered by skin clinic. This menu works very well on mobile and tablet too.

Special Treatments Menu Web Design And Implementation



To ease and automate booking schedule we implemented special customers booking module. This module allows for customers to book treatments automatically. To prevent fake bookings system asks for a deposit for each treatment. This system does not allow double bookings. Skin clinic staff can see calendar and they will know when a customer will come and what treatment they will have.
If client wants to book same time slot that already booked – system does not allow to do that.

Skin Clinic Web Design With Booking System



To increase trust for the website and company we have implemented google reviews module. These are real people reviews left by the skin clinic customers.

Skin Clinic Website Designer With Google Reviews System

One main advantage of this system that you can see star rating in google search results. This will greatly increase click through rate.

Beauty Clinic Web Design With Star Rating In Google Search Results



Skin Beauty Clinic Consultation Form Website Development




To let skin clinic staff to make their job and automate booking process, each customer who books treatments automatically receives login details and the link containing skin consultation form. Each customer has his own consultation form, which can be reviewed by a therapist. This system allows to automate whole booking and form filling process and allow therapists to do their job.


Google Rating
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