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Garment manufacturer and sewing company website design

For the website we have chosen very high PR domain. This means that the website will rank high in search results fast.

Our web designers created a simple, clean but informative and functional design. Logo and graphic content was specially created for the company.

Website features responsive menu, responsive banner slider. It has separate service mnodule where customer can easily add / edit / remove services.

Specially created Latest projects module allow customer to add new projects. They just need to add project description and upload images. The system will do the rest.

Specially programmed testimonials module allows I & I Studio customers to leave testimonials on-line. Studio emplyee just needs to review and apply / reject them.

Our clients module lets upload Studio customers logos. It displays and styles these logos automatically.

Get a quote module invites potencial I & I Studio customers to ask for a quote. Quote arrives directly to company email.

We also created blog module for better SEO conversions.


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