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Website Designer London can optimise your existing website for search engines (Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO); and we can create a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) plan to bring your brand and its products to the attention of more customers. All of our own website designs are created with both SEO and SEM in mind.
The difference between SEO and SEM is the difference between long-term training and short-term success: only with our unique approach to developing the web visibility of your site, you get to enjoy both. SEO is a “long game” tactic, designed to raise the profile of your online home over time, to the point where it not only becomes a regular feature in the top pages of the SERPs (search engine results pages) but also a recognised authority on matters relevant to your brand and business. SEM, on the other hand, is a form of paid marketing exemplified by the Google AdWords program, which allows users to nominate an amount of advertising spend they’re willing to pay for each click through to their site.
The successful website ignores no avenue in its drive to make an impression on its audience. Website Designer London offers you the chance to raise your visibility both through paid and unpaid avenues, with our experienced SEM managers helping you to control your marketing spend for the best results.

Our SEM and SEO packages

Our marketing packages have one thing in common: keyword research. That’s because Search Engine Marketing relies on Search Engine Optimisation to work properly: it’s keywords that bring your consumers to your paid search engine advertising, and it is also keywords that get your website higher up on the SERPs.
Because of this, our SEM and SEO packages start in the same place, with a report on the existing SEO health of your site. This report helps us, and you, to understand where your site is succeeding and where it is failing in getting you noticed for the right kind of searches.
To improve your site’s performance, and to create your Search Engine Marketing campaign to best effect, we research the keywords that have the strongest chance of working well for you. These are usually words and phrases that have special relevance to your unique selling points, as well as to the overall market in which your brand exists: or relevant phrases used by a lot of searches without being oversubscribed by your competition. The heavier the competition for a single word or phrase, the harder it is to maintain a good position, or get returns on the SEM you do: so we identify smart sets of word and phrase that can do the job much better.

A unified approach to marketing

SEO and SEM are ultimately about marketing. First you create your audience, by doing the Search Engine Optimisation that allows your site to return highly when your customers look for relevant products, services, or information – and then you sell to it. You might be selling an idea; or a physical thing; or a service that can be used again and again. But you are always trying to close the deal.
Your Search Engine Marketing plan is vital to the success of your endeavour – and it covers more things than you might, at first, imagine. Yes, there’s the timing of your ad to consider (when is your audience most likely to want to engage with what you sell? How much money is a reasonable daily spend for clicks through to your site?); but that’s only the beginning.
First, your strapline (that’s the bit at the top of your ad, sometimes also called a header) needs to contain your keyword or phrase. But it also needs to be awesome, something that speaks immediately to your target audience in less than 160 characters. Our campaign managers can help you craft the right phrase to lead your customers into your site – and we also develop the landing pages you need to encourage them to act when they get there.

SEM and the landing page

A landing page is a page specifically designed to be relevant to the content of your SEO and SEM campaigns. It’s developed for the same keywords and phrases that guided your Search Engine Optimisation, and is written to have a clear association with the content of your Search Engine Marketing advert. This avoids the confusion that can happen when a consumer clicks on a SEM link only to land on a page that doesn’t specifically relate to the search he or she made in the first place.
Your website designer London will build multiple landing pages to fit every one of your adverts and campaigns – so wherever your customers come from, the path to action (clicking on a “Buy Now” button, usually) is always clear to them.

Accountability and reporting

Both Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing need to be monitored, and tweaked as your campaigns progress. This helps refine the keyword research we’ve done, and develop an increasingly accurate understanding of where your target audience is, how to find it, and (most importantly) how to engage its attention when we’ve got there.
Our SEO and SEM service packages include monthly and on-going reports and statistics, which show you improvements as time progresses as well as current metrics for who is looking at your site, how they got there, and what they do while they are there. We look at “bounces” (people who visit and then click away again without exploring your site, or performing a buying action) as well as successes – giving a clear picture of the success of your campaign, and consequently a clear idea of how to refine it for continually improving results.
We also deliver monthly work reports, showing what jobs are required to bring your Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing campaigns to the next level, and how far we have progressed with each one.

SEO, SEM and the time factor

SEO can take time to have an effect. Keyword research and on-page optimisation (the stuff we do to your website) can take as much as three months to filter through to the search engines. That’s why we keep such close track of what’s going on with your site; and why we combine the two, to give you an uptick in visits through carefully planned advertising while the longer term effects of the optimisation we do begin to make themselves felt.
To discuss our SEO and SEM services further, please call us or email us.

Value for money in every campaign

The SEM campaign represents value for money only when you understand when, and how, to use your advertising spend. Depending on your product, your service or your brand, certain times of the month or days of the week (paydays; Fridays) may be more advantageous; and some campaigns, for example product launch campaigns, can have a time limit on them while others remain active indefinitely. We’ll help you to understand how to create your advertising to chime with your audience and your brand – and with no monthly contract to commit to, you can continue to pay for as little or as long as you need.


Onsite SEO optimisation £300

Full SEO audit £300

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