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Social marketing

Know you need to blog, don’t know what to say? Understand you have to be involved in the social media, but have no idea how to get all those sites to work for you? We can help. Our social network marketing packages either take your existing blogs, comments and social media updates and post them to the most influential sites and platforms – or we can take over your whole social media presence, creating blogs that engage, interest and inform; and developing a fruitful stream of social media interaction for your brand.
Website Designer London works in partnership with a customer-focused, high quality copywriting agency to deliver social media engagement on your behalf. We work only with senior copywriters with a proven experience in a range of specialist areas, whose copy is designed to create the conversations you need to get your brand talking with its customers.

The art of blogging

Social network marketing is a difficult trick to pull off. All too often, brands are tempted to post blogs about themselves – which works when you have genuine news to portray, but which is otherwise counter to everything blogging is about. A good blog is interesting, unique, and informative. It might start a conversation, or even an argument; and it always gets people thinking.
It’s quality that matters, not quantity. Start small and work your way into the social media, first joining circles and following people on Twitter and Facebook, listening to what they say, before beginning to post your own material. When you do start posting, follow the golden rules: don’t waffle, don’t self-promote without good reason and don’t blog in a vacuum. One thoughtful interaction with another blogger, who writes in a similar field to your own, can be worth a thousand Likes.

Likes, Plus Ones and other good stuff

The currency of social network marketing is measured in clicks: Plus Ones, Likes and Pins, which spread your message to everyone in the social circles of the clicker. One recommendation, from someone who follows you or counts himself or herself in your Facebook friends, can send a blog post or comment viral.
The key to good social media involvement is not to aim at what you think people will buy now, but to be intriguing. From time to time, one of your followers Likes what you say. Then a few of his or her followers Likes it too. After a while, people from numerous social circles begin coming to your blog on purpose, to see what you have to say next.

The two way, four way, hundred way street

Don’t forget that the ultimate social media tool is your own mouse button. Our social network marketing package can include social media involvement on your behalf – finding and following influential figures in your industry and market area. With every click of a Like or a Pin, you potentially open up multiple avenues for your brand to walk down later. Social media isn’t just a two way street, it’s a one hundred ways and counting street.

Tracking your social media marketing campaign

Social media marketing is one of the hardest metrics to keep track of, because there’s no obvious way of pinning down the effect your blogging and commenting has had. To help you see the difference between targeted social media involvement and ad hoc blogging, we keep a close eye on the development of your site visits – how many there are, and where they are coming from. We can also track mentions of your brand name on Twitter and other social media platforms, using bespoke analysis tools designed to unearth mentions of you in conversations around the web.
To find out more about social network marketing analysis, please call us.

Creating content people want to share

Sharing is the lifeblood of social media. It’s how things go viral, and when it happens in the right set of circumstances it can catapult your brand from obscurity to relative fame in hours.
Now, here at Website Designer London we’re a practical lot. We know that most brands are unlikely to achieve world domination just through posting an amusing video. For a start, the kinds of things that go truly viral are almost impossible to predict; and they tend to be cats playing pianos, or dogs chasing herds of deer, rather than anything directly relevant to your brand and your industry.
But we also understand that a really interesting post, or a really useful video, can go viral within your online community. We’re always looking for content that your peers will want to share – advice on how to surmount common problems in your market area, for example, or a video demonstrating an amazing new technique in your discipline.

Keeping an eye on the future

Social media platforms are changing all the time. It’s our job to keep up to date not only withwhat’s happening now, but what is likely to happen next. That way, we can make sure that your social network marketing campaign is always preparing for a new way to share content, or a new method for bringing influential peers together in exciting ways.
One of the most interesting uses of social media, aside from the dissemination of genuinely useful information, is its ability to get you talking directly to your customers. Instead of hiding a customer services issue, bring it out into the open. Engage with the people who found something wrong with your products or services, and show all of your connections how quick you are to identify the reasons for customer dissatisfaction, and make sure they never happen again.

It starts slowly

Social media success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time for your brand to build up a head of steam, and to become recognised as an authentic and useful contributor to an ongoing debate. Our advice: wait at least three months before you expect to see any real change in your status. But keep at it, and you’ll develop an army of followers.
For more information on social network marketing, or any Website Designer London service, please call 07946 107202.

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